What We Do

ESP underwriting services are custom-designed to meet your specific needs, rules and procedures and can involve one function, any combination of functions or a virtual process. Underwriting services can be as simple or complex as needed, based on each client's goals.

Services include fully underwritten, simplified, rules-based and point-of-sale underwriting programs; underwriting administration (middle function); front administration (front/back-end processing with affiliated TPA); phone interviews; tele-application processing; and Express Doctor's Report (E. Dr.) solutions.

Learn more about ESP’s creative answers to your underwriting needs.

ESP's underwriting services are custom designed to meet your specific needs.

ESP has talented senior level (and above) underwriters who can handle any client requirement, from simplified underwriting to fully underwritten business. 

  • ESP has the underwriting expertise to design a simplified underwriting program; implement and process the business to meet a specified actuarial mortality objective and assumptions; and address the marketing needs of agent satisfaction and time service.
  • Our professional and highly experienced underwriting staff can adapt to guidelines and mortality considerations on any fully underwritten product. ESP management will perform extensive training and offers guidance to ensure our understanding of your needs, goals, service expectations, products, clients, field force and home office personnel. We focus on building a solid relationship – the foundation of a successful partnership.
  • ESP was acquired by RGA in August 2015. RGA and ESP are partners that you can Trust to protect your interests, provide support and serve you with integrity and professionalism. 

Our philosophy is built on earning trust and respect from our clients and employees. We emphasize strong relationships, sound operating structures, client satisfaction, and profitable and timely professional solutions for your concerns and needs. ESP’s senior management founded its first insurance services company in 1987 and, prior to selling in 2004,  that company became one of the largest underwriting and insurance services outsourcers in the United States. ESP’s senior management has worked within the insurance industry both in the home office and as insurance service providers.

We believe our reputation, knowledge, experience, and integrity – along with our untiring desire to do it right – continues to enable ESP to earn the respect of reinsurance companies, insurance companies, our clients, our employees, our competition and all those with whom we co-exist in the insurance industry.

ESP will design state-of-the-art programs and applications to fit product mortality expectations.

These programs can provide immediate approval without additional requirements; a time-sensitive issue process; or any combination of these features. These programs can have a range of features, including:

  • Immediate check
  • Medical Information Bureau (MIB) check
  • Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) check
  • Prescription check
  • Other features

The ESP Underwriting Administration team works hand-in-hand with client underwriters on a daily basis.

ESP’s seasoned case managers bring deep experience in various insurance products, including Jet Issue, Simplified, Fully Underwritten and Disability Income. All case managers have MIB reporting and MIB Plan F training.

What does an ESP case manager do?

  • Orders underwriting requirements – medical records, telephone inspections, exam requirements and Motor Vehicle Reports
  • Manages general communication with clients and agents
  • Conducts regular follow-ups on all outstanding underwriting requirements
  • Completes all decline, withdrawn and cancellation correspondence
  • Demonstrates excellent customer service skills. ESP works to ensure clients, agents and applicants are 100 percent satisfied.
As Vice President and Chief Underwriter for a major insurance carrier, ESP founder and Interim Chief Underwriter/Consultant Tom Gracey pioneered telephone-interview-based underwriting more than 30 years ago.

Over the past 20 years, ESP’s leadership team has improved the quality of point-of-sale concepts and rules-based underwriting solutions in association with creative interviewing. ESP prepares our interviewers to think and respond as trained underwriters, and we require this training to be ongoing. In addition, ESP offers our employees a one-of-a-kind junior underwriting training program that is designed by Tom and personally led by our experts Tom, Chad, Carla and our Medical Director.

We also have deep experience in uniting creative interviewing programs with point-of-sale and rules-based underwriting solutions. ESP works collaboratively with you to design web-based features to meet your needs. We will design an interview program that is as simple or as complex as needed to deliver the results you require.
ESP was among the early adopters of Tele-Application processing. We understand your need for accurate, timely, cost-effective applications that cannot be compromised.

ESP works closely with paramedical companies and other vendors to monitor and control your rules and procedures and ensure timely and accurate processing of the application. ESP also can design a solution that meets your needs, including just a full or partial Tele-Application program. Please contact us; we can help you design a total Tele-Application process that fits your needs and product.
How many times have you observed: "I don't need a full APS. I don't have time to wait, and it costs too much. If only I had a way to get limited data to make an underwriting decision."?

The Express Doctor's Report (E. Dr.) is not a substitute for the traditional APS; however, it can be used instead of an APS very effectively when limited data is required. For example, an E. Dr. may be a solution if only the results of a prior month's exam or a "path" report of cancer years ago are needed. ESP can work collaboratively to design the rules for many situations. ESP can even establish a routine five-question-or-less impairment to better target mortality or morbidity concerns in certain ages or for certain products. Contact us to discuss your options.