Elite Sales Processing, Inc. (ESP) is an RGA company, a national insurance services leader, an approved third-party administrator (TPA) and a licensed Medical Information Bureau (MIB) check administrator.


Earning the trust and respect of our customers, employees, partners, and the Insurance Industry to build and establish strong relationships while creating and maintaining solid operating practices. Exceeding our customer expectations and offering profitable, reliable, honest, fair, customized programs and protective underwriting solutions.


  • Customer Commitment – We develop partnerships that create a positive long-term difference with the customer, the customer's field force, and the applicant.  
  • Quality – We provide protective, cost-effective, and innovative services that exceed our customers' expectations, and together we deliver unparalleled client focus.  
  • Integrity – We champion the highest standards of integrity and ethics in our products, services, and operational practices.   
  • Teamwork – We work together to meet and exceed our customers' needs and expectations collectively.


ESP's philosophy is built on earning trust and respect from clients and employees. We are focused on building strong relationships, achieving client satisfaction, and creating profitable, timely professional solutions to address our clients’ concerns and needs. The ESP team believes our knowledge, experience, integrity and untiring desire to "do it right" continues to earn the respect of the industry.


Prior to leading ESP, the company's current senior management team launched an insurance services company in 1987 that grew to become one of the largest underwriting and insurance services outsourcers in the United States; the company was sold in 2004. ESP’s founder and current Interim Chief Underwriter/Consultant also pioneered telephone-based or tele-underwriting interviews in the 1970s using medically trained interviewers and helped introduce point-of-sale, rules-based processing to the industry. This highly respected leadership has worked within the insurance industry both at the home office and insurance services provider levels. ESP's experienced senior level underwriters are prepared to satisfy all client requirements, from simplified underwriting to fully underwritten business. 

In August 2015, ESP was acquired by Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated (RGA), becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of one of the largest global life and health reinsurance companies in the world.  You can trust RGA and ESP to protect your interests, provide support, and stand ready to serve you with integrity and professionalism.  

ESP Leadership Team

Chad has more than 28 years of experience working in the insurance industry. He co-owned one of the largest underwriting/insurance service outsourcing companies in the United States and was one of the founders of ESP. During his career, he has been progressively responsible for leading over 270 associates through start-up, survival, turnaround, and growth modes. Chad is experienced in operations, underwriting service centers, and human resources.

Dennis is a highly respected industry veteran who comes to ESP after serving as Chief Underwriter for F&G Life Insurance Company. Dennis has earned FALU and FLMI designations. He has B.S. and M.B.A. degrees and is a Ph.D. candidate, all in business administration.

Quinn Jones’ experience spans 25 years and includes research at Berkeley Labs, Brookhaven National Labs, and CERN. Quinn's professional career includes all levels and aspects of information technology, and he is a consummate professional with a full spectrum of skills, talents and leadership. He obtained a BS and Graduate Degree in High Energy Physics from Creighton University and is a certified Scrum Master and Agile Advocate.


Director and
Chief Marketing Officer
Elite Sales Processing, Inc.